Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life in Foxwood

I live in Foxwood.  It's kinda quiet. Except when it isn't.

We have lived here for seven years. That's pre-baby, pre-dog, pre-marriage!  Life inside the house is rarely boring and life outside the house is frequently note worthy.

Across the street is a row of townhomes, rented out by individual owners. Of the six homes in the row, four of them are peaceful and house normal families and individuals who go about their business and exchange friendly greetings with their neighbors.

But see, there are these two homes in that row that are a little different. One is just a little interesting, but the final home is what we like to call 'The Portal.'

There have been a number of people/families/groups that have lived there and it has been a constant source of drama for us. I'm talking about cops, fires, runaway dogs who impregnate other neighborhood dogs, drug deals, a drive-by shooting, undercover stakeouts and just general mayhem. It makes for fairly entertaining watching from our window.

So a few months ago someone new moved into The Portal. We held our breath as the moving trucks arrived. We soon realized that this time it might be different. It was a beautiful family. A mom. A dad. A toddler. They owned cars that were maintained. They go to jobs! Gasp!

Our attention shifted to other things after a quiet month seemed to confirm that these were indeed normal people.

So Tuesday morning I wasn't really watching too closely when another dude came walking up to the house and then knocking at their door at 8 in the morn. Although I did soon notice that Baby Daddy's car was gone. Hmmm...

I got busy doing other things Peanut and Basil related, and a while later came back to my post and saw Baby Mama out in front with the dude that had walked up. 'Maybe that's her brother,' I kept saying.

After a few minutes they got up, finished their cigarettes, and headed back inside.

Then he smacked her on her butt.

My jaw dropped to the floor.

So maybe we've been wrong all along. They aren't married? Or...they aren't normal?

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